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Musicless Music Video

This was another fun one for me–music videos can be some of the strangest films, even when the actual music is playing. Just like the actual song, a music video is often a piece of art and an artist’s expression in and of itself. That’s why I like this assignment so much. It lets me ruin an artist’s vision and create my own! That sounds awful, but I think it’s a lot of fun to be able to take inspiration from other people and turn it into something new. As you might have expected, I decided to take a comedic approach to this. I chose a very dark and sinister music video (Raining Blood by Slayer), and decided to make it a little lighter. I found a sound effect of a guy laughing in a sinister manner, but he has a cold so it doesn’t end up sounding very sinister. Then, just as the band hits the stage, the Benny Hill theme song comes in. Seeing a heavy metal band headbanging to the Benny Hill theme is definitely something special to behold! To cap it all off, I added in a little girl giggling at the very end because who wouldn’t want to laugh after all that?! Check it out here: