Storified and Non-Storified Content: Week 6-7

For this week’s storified content, I wanted to start to build on one of the ideas I had previously. I really like what I talked about last week, focusing on video game addiction (If you missed it, check it out here). I want to take this one step further to truly make it a story that I can use for my final project. I think that the true story is not about video game addiction, but of the struggle for the person addicted to video games. I have lived this story myself when I was in college, so it hits very close to home (I was academically dismissed from school as a result–don’t worry, I got back in!). The real story here starts with some recreational video game use. It then progresses into a more competitive environment, leading to the addiction aspect. Certain things suffer in the person’s life as a result of the addiction (i.e. relationships, schoolwork, etc.), and then there is the eventual realization that the addiction is very real and very unhealthy. The person then overcomes the addiction and is a better person as a result. This story definitely has a happy ending, but there are countless struggles and hardships along the way. I think this would be a really good thing to focus on for the final project, and the wheels are already turning for some fun media that I can add to my post 🙂


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