Storified and Non-Storified Content: Week 5

For this week’s assignment, I decided to go in a little bit of a different direction. In past weeks, I came up with ideas that were more process oriented (i.e. my pedalboard example). However, this week I decided to come up with something a little more conceptual which I think ultimately lends itself better to a story (rather than just “instructions”). This concept is video game addiction. This is something that affects many people (see the Wikipedia link here), and I think it is a form of addiction that is only now just starting to be recognized as a serious addiction. Similar to a drug addiction, addiction to video games can consume a person’s life, break down all family and personal relationships, and can even cause physical harm (carpel tunnel syndrome, sleep loss, etc.). Despite all the information that is starting to become available about video game addiction, it is still a concept that is foreign to many people. Many of these people do not believe it is actually a thing, so I would love to create a story to help explain it to everyone.



2 thoughts on “Storified and Non-Storified Content: Week 5”

  1. Great idea! I think that one of reasons there are so many reality t.v. shows about individuals with addictions or disease is because putting a story behind general facts resonate with people. I’ve been noticing this tactic in commercials for medication. A grandmother wanting to play with her kids is much more memorable than simply showing random actors displaying back pain.

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