Audio Story

I think I got a little morbid here with my audio story…but oh well!

I went on and when I went into the sound effects section, the first thing I saw was a traffic sound effect. So I put together a little mashup with 4 other sounds to create a car crash on the highway.

I started with the background traffic sound, and then added in a car crash, a woman screaming, a woman crying, and lastly a siren coming in at the very end. Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Audio Story”

  1. Not terribly morbid, and traffic situations work well for these as you can find good sounds to use. I can hear good overlap of sounds, which is what I look for.

    I do look for more information per assignment. What assignment is this? Where did the sounds come from? I am not seeing the expected parts of an assignment writeup.

    It works for completing the assignment, but reading this, looks a bit rushed.

  2. This certainly tells a story but i’d like to know hot you made the recording. Did you find clips or have to use any “fancy” layering. What was your inspiration for the assignment?

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