Audio Assignment

So I don’t think anyone would be surprised to find out that I chose the “Being A Music Producer” audio assignment. The objective of this assignment was to record two parts of an audio track with any instrument (obviously guitar for me!). To begin with, I laid down a rhythm backing track. This was actually part of a song I’ve been working on (so sneak peak!!). Then, I laid down an improvised solo on top of the backing track to add some “spice” in 🙂

I uploaded it to SoundCloud, so you can check it out here–it’s just a small 16 bar snippet but you get the idea:


2 thoughts on “Audio Assignment”

  1. That’s awesome! Sounds great. The fact that you have layered audio in there is surprising since they mix together so well. The backing track seemed like a slower beat than your solo, which actually maybe helped them “mesh” together nicely.

  2. Great! What passion 🙂 When creating the assignment I had more hesitating people in mind, like beginners in playing an instrument, but it is nice to see that a professional(?) felt challenged, too.

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