Weekly Summary

I did some interesting work this week with pictures. One of my favorite things to do is to take a picture and modify it in some hilarious way in Photoshop. That said, I have actually run into trouble doing this. I didn’t ever intentionally do anything harmful, but I had created a picture of my brother’s puggles with devil horns so I figured I’d create one of my fiancée’s dog with angel wings (gotta get those brownie points!). However, when I posted it to Facebook, everyone thought that my fiancée’s dog had died. Like I said–totally unintentional but definitely not good!

So this week, I tried to avoid any mishaps like that. Here’s what I worked on:

First and foremost, I went on a design safari. Elephants, palm trees, and puggles–oh my! I took a few different pictures that exemplified some of the design elements we learned about. Check it out here.

Next, I created a couple more Photoshop images. They may have turned out a little creepy, but I think the message is clear–don’t mess with me unless you want your face on a gorilla’s body! (just kidding) Anyway, check out the pics here.

Lastly, I found another example for storified content. This one hit pretty close to home, since as a guitar player, I have my own pedal board. What a nightmare it can be! Check it out here (for the record, that is not MY pedal board–I’m definitely a little more organized than that!).

Overall, I think it was a pretty good week. I’m looking forward to the 2nd half of the class!


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