Storified and Non Storified Content (Week 4)

Keeping in line with the guitar/rock n’ roll theme of the week, I had another thought for something that could use some storifying. Some of you may have seen this before, but a lot of electric guitar players use a series of effects pedals to modify the sound of their amplified guitar. These pedals are typically placed on a Velcro mat called a pedal board. One confusing aspect is simply fitting all your pedals on the board. Another confusing aspect is deciding what order to place the pedals. The latter is most confusing, I think, because the order actually does matter. A delay pedal going through an overdrive pedal going through a de-tuner pedal might sound a little muddy since you’re digitally affecting a large number of effects. However, if you put the de-tuner first, you are simply de-tuning the raw guitar signal and then adding the effects on after that. Although it seems like a minute difference, it actually has a huge impact. Anyway, here is a quick visual representation of how confusing a pedal board can be:



5 thoughts on “Storified and Non Storified Content (Week 4)”

  1. Dear Lord! I had no idea. I think it’s a concept that is obviously complicated and has novice guitar players shaking in their boots, so it could probably use some help. Maybe the story is the novice guitar player and his/her adventures in navigating the pedals on their journey to becoming the next Slash/Kim Gordon/Edge.

  2. I’m glad you didn’t use my picture on the ape but it’s still pretty funny. It certainly tells a story though i’m not sure I want to be a part of it 😉

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