Design Safari

I think I found a few really good examples for my design safari this week. Ok, to be honest, I kind of cheated on one–it was a picture I took when I was in Phoenix last summer. To be fair, though, I took it because of the balance/symmetry and how cool I thought it looked (so technically, I guess I just had the foresight to take the picture for this class!). Here’s the picture:

symmetry example

This picture was taken in front of the hotel my family stayed at in Phoenix, and I was struck by the symmetry of the layout. Everything was meticulously maintained, and even the palm trees were all the same height, shape, distance apart, etc. Aside from the inherent beauty of the scenery, the symmetry in front of the hotel almost provides a channel to the entrance–somehow it seems very welcoming.

Ok, so now on to the non-cheating examples ;-). I took a picture this week that I thought perfectly defined the unity design element:

unity example

This picture is from inside my apartment. My fiancée likes anything involving elephants, and to be perfectly honest, I never really noticed how they were intertwined before (typical guy not being aware of his surroundings, I guess!). I think this is a perfect symbol of a unified family, which is an adventure we are embarking on together in October when we get married. It is also an example of how unity equals support, since the red elephant is “watching over” the grey elephant, but the way the piece is designed, the grey elephant is actually holding up the red elephant.

Last, but not least, is an example of color and dominance. I took this picture in my brother’s house, because I thought it looked really cool:

color example

My parents’ best friends always told us that you should never be scared of color in your house, and my brother definitely took that to heart. He painted his living room a very bold lime green. This has always been my favorite color, and although it is definitely a shock when you first see it, it is great to have something bright and cheerful (think spring!!). The dominance part comes with the dogs. My brother has two puggles, and they always sit in that spot guarding the room. It sounds ridiculous, but in order for them to move, you actually have to pet them. He didn’t train them to do this, but they just want to make sure they’re getting some love from everyone in the house. So ridiculous, but also super cute!

Each of these three images definitely elicit a different set of emotions. The symmetry example has the “wow” factor, the unity example has the “aww” factor, and the color/dominance example has the “haha” factor. I love that you can feel emotions just from looking at a picture, and I think these emotions are enhanced when the picture has elements of design.


3 thoughts on “Design Safari”

  1. Who is calling your photo cheating? If you had done previously taken photos for all your safari images, then I might have thrown a flag on the play. But that first photo is excellent, and to me it says you were already thinking about design and framing and balance before the class.

    By the way having lived 15 years in Phoenix I am trying to guess the resort. That looks like Camelback Mountain in the distance, but its too far away to be the Phoenician. Was it in Scottsdale.

    And now with your keen observation skills,did you win any points from your fiance? The two other photos are well explained. What works well in the photo of your brother’s place (beside cute dogs) is the lack of saturated color in the other parts of the room (subdued hues in the floor, carpet, framed art) so there is good use of contrast.

  2. Hey, I love the dogs. Just curios, in the color dominance picture I see balance between the green, cream tan, and browns. I see that the green grabs your attention but don’t think its dominant and that’s what the room design works ;). I think of a dominant color as a color that takes over the picture. Essentially balance is not achieved. it could be a whole bunch of cream/tanish colored items like a couch, carpet and those cute dogs.

    make sense?

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