Design Assignments

The first design assignment I tried was the person’s face on an animal’s body. This one started off innocently, but as I was browsing through Facebook pictures, I found a truly terrifying picture of a buddy of mine from high school. It didn’t take much creative thinking to realize that this would be perfect to use as a face on a big gorilla. In terms of how I did it, I used Adobe Photoshop for the entire process. I enlarged and squared off his mouth and added some “wrinkles” to give him an angrier looking face. Then I blurred the face into the gorilla a little bit to make it look more “natural.” I may have gotten a little carried away–it’s pretty scary looking and I don’t think my buddy will be too pleased!


The next assignment I completed was a little less of a stretch. As you may remember from my previous posts, I’ve played guitar for almost 20 years. My guitar hero is Paul Gilbert from Mr. Big and Racer X. He’s an unbelievably talented guitarist and I’ve tried to emulate a lot of his playing style in my own. You can see him playing my absolutely favorite guitar solo ever in his cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps here at about the 3:20 mark:

Anyway, I took a picture of me playing at one of my own gigs up in Worcester, MA–I love the face I’m making since I think it is very “rock n’ roll,” and I think it works perfectly on Paul’s body. I used Photoshop to crop out my head from the original picture and then added it to Paul’s body. I had to blend the background a little bit since our heads aren’t exactly the same size ;-). Anyway, check out all three images here:

I love having fun in Photoshop, so I really enjoyed this assignment. It was a little creepy at first, although I’m pretty sure that was my fault!


3 thoughts on “Design Assignments”

  1. Some great Photoshop skills! I especially liked the one of you as Paul Gilbert. What a fun way to live out a dream! I think you do a great job of incorporating personal interests into your work which makes it all the more interesting to read about them!

  2. I agree to the comment above, the way these can be done in photoshop with the feathered edges and color correction makes them less obvious that the images were put together. The idea of emulating your guitar hero is great (and would make a good assignment on its own).

    And we might do a bit of psychoanalysis on the first image, what did that guy do to you? 😉 I’d sure be curious to know what he thinks of your design work. I’ve never seen a squared off mouth like that.

    Your assignment work is fine, though I might have seen you try ones that were not so similar and explored a bit more of other design principles. You do need to review the assignment critieria

    Each assignment needs to be done as its own blog post. And you need to name and link back to the original assignment.

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