This was a really interesting exercise! I love photography–I even had a darkroom setup in my parents basement in high school. I took a few pictures earlier this evening to try out some of the techniques we learned about this week. The first technique I experimented with was from @AnnyCow. The technique she described was to “plan your photos.” My fiancee and I have an English bulldog, and I know that she sits at the front door to our apartment any time one of us leaves. So I had my fiancee step outside for a second and came up with this gem:

photo 3

The next technique I tried is forced perspective, from the slideshare by Darren Kuropatwa. I got the idea from an accidental photo I took of a buddy years ago on July 4th:


I don’t think I matched the goofiness with the one I took this evening, I think our dog eating my fiancee’s toe is pretty funny as well:

photo 2

Last but not least, I tried a variation on the “looking thru the lens” technique, posted here by Alan Levine. I set up three iPhones, with the ones in front and in the back both with their cameras on. I ended up getting kind of a cool purple reflection effect on the blank screen of the middle phone. Check it out:

photo 1

I tried to get creative with things I had readily accessible at home, so hopefully you all like what I’ve done!


2 thoughts on “Photobomb”

  1. Awesome, these are very creative (and I am not saying that because you tried mine). Thinking of a way to set up your dog to be waiting by the door is exactly the kind of efforts i enjoy seeing. So that fireworks photo was a total accident? Ha.

    Great effort on trying out these techniques…. use the Force well!

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