Photoblitzing safari

The blitz part is definitely accurate! Truth be told, I was a little lukewarm on this one before starting, but as I saw the clock ticking down, I got more and more into it. I ended up racing around my apartment trying to get all the shots in time! I thought this was a cool exercise because it involved some on-the-fly creative thinking, which is something that is definitely a great skill to have as a story teller. Check out my shots here:


One thought on “Photoblitzing safari”

  1. Well done, well done. I do like to see in the captions which of the items your photos match to, but I can tell by looking at them (is Guinness – joy?).

    Another student noted some of the irony of one set of photo tips suggesting to slow down and think out your photographs and this assignment making you rush. There is a value in being able to do both; I hope you got a sense of that.

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