Week 2 Summary

This week was definitely a little easier. Not necessarily in terms of content or the assignments, but certainly in terms of managing the workload. I can imagine this will get even easier as the course goes on, and I think this can even help in my job. Having a method to structure my time and manage my schedule is a skill that transcends blogs and bleeds into the “real world.” Here’s what I looked at this week:

1) I listened to the Radiolab “Talking to Machines podcast and talked about layering audio to achieve an effect or an emotion. I compared it to my musical recordings, and how the effect is similar despite the fact that it is music vs. spoken word. Check it out here!

2) I analyzed my absolute favorite commercial ever–the McDonald’s commercial where Larry Bird and Michael Jordan “play” each other for a Big Mac. I broke it down into 5 second clips and tried to pick out the important storytelling elements in each clip. Check it out here!

3) This was the first week I gave some peer feedback, and I thought it was a phenomenal exercise. It made me really look critically at not just their blogs, but also my own. It gave me new ideas and also hopefully helped them. Check it out here!

4) Lastly, I found another example of something in need of storifying–the security process at airports. This is a daunting and confusing process for many people, and I think a good story could make it easier. Check it out here!

Overall, I think this week was a success. I felt much less overwhelmed than last week, so I’m looking forward to continuing to improve in that regard. The more I get into blogging, the more I see it as a really unique and interesting tool for storytelling!


One thought on “Week 2 Summary”

  1. I’m glad to read your confidence for this week; I am sensing you are getting comfortable with the mode I teach (throwing a lot at you once a week), how to plan your time, and how to use your blog. Those parts will get easier in the next weeks, but there will be new challenges as we move into the part of the course where you are doing more making of media than looking/listening.

    I’m pleased with what you are doing and the way I see your blog writing start to mirror your thinking and idea making.

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