Storified and non-storified content

When I was taking my driving test as a young 16 year old, I almost failed. I had heard from more than one person that the Massachusetts state police officers try to trick you into going down a one way road the wrong way. With this in mind, I set out on my test with the “statie” sitting shotgun. While out on the road, he told me to take a left turn. To my right was a one way street, and I instantly thought of the warnings I had received. I told him I couldn’t make the turn. What I didn’t realize was that only the right street was a one way; the street he wanted me to turn onto was perfectly capable of handling two way traffic.

When I started thinking about topics, I thought about my driving test and I immediately thought of a picture someone sent me a while back. It has to be the most confusing image I’ve ever seen, but there’s no explanation of it anywhere. I don’t know if this will ultimately work for the final project, but I think it’s a pretty good start…



2 thoughts on “Storified and non-storified content”

  1. Confusing signage is definitely something that you could tackle; it does of course have the need to be quickly understandable, and ideally, not language specific. It need not be a replacement for a confusing set of signs like this (I would suggest including a mention of where this is – my lazy guess with some googling is North Carolina??). Not to mention the differences between national, state, and county road numbers.

    I forget a place I saw where it had in the same direction, both north and sound bound numbers of the same highway.

    The question I will be asking here is what kind of story can help make this more understandable? Who is the character? Can a highway be a character?

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