Hmm, what is a story?

Hmm, what is a story? I think at the very baseline, a story is a sequence of events culminating in a conclusion. I tend to default to humor in all aspects of my life, and when I think about stories, I can’t help but start laughing. I think of everything that has happened to me in my life (the events), and the conclusion to each of those events. Therefore, it is also fair to say that memories are the same as stories.

When I think about “digital storytelling,” I don’t think the baseline definition of a story changes. A digital story is still a sequence of events culminating in a conclusion. However, the difference is simply that the story is told online or using some other digital medium like an audio or video recording. I think digital storytelling has been around for a lot longer than most people think it has. As a musician, each song I write tells a story. I would consider any recorded song from the dawn of audio recording a digital story.


3 thoughts on “Hmm, what is a story?”

  1. I’m glad to hear we have a musician in the mix! You might get some quibbles on the digital- not all recorded of course is digital (I love my vinyl LPs and the old 78s that belonged to me grandparents).

    That’s a good connection between memory and stories- do the stories reinforce the memories, or is it the other way around? Why do you remember those so well, when maybe there are other important pieces of information that do not stay in memory? The association with laughter, suggests as well a tie to emotion, or maybe even the senses (being able to visualize the sights, sounds, sensations of the places they occurred)

  2. You really hit the nail on the head by tying stories to memories. I would even take it a step further and say that storytelling is not only a memory, but the sharing of memories. My husband also loves to laugh and he often finds himself in hilarious situations in life. In sharing his memories and life experiences, he has become notorious for using humor to tie his experiences together into stories we can all appreciate. I guess a great storytelling “tree in the forest” question would be, if a memory isn’t shared, is it still a story?

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