Welcome to Me!

Wow–for a site that claims to be a breeze to set up, that sure is a lot of tweaking! Although tedious at times, I think this is a good representation of storytelling. Good storytelling (as far as I can tell), is all in the details. You would be bored listenting to a story where all the details have been left out, so it is important to make sure just the right amount of detail is included.



3 thoughts on “Welcome to Me!”

  1. Welcome to you. You might consider the tasks of tweaking and getting set up like the fine adjustment a sculptor makes, or how ending a garden involved a lot of ongoing care or (do you want more metaphors?)/

    You might want to think about the notion of “including all the details” to maybe be “just the right amount of details”. The Andrew Stanton video has some great points about how it can be important to leave out some details so the viewer can fill in the gaps.

    Like.. where does Ron Burgundy fit into the story here? (but a few non countable bonus points for using an animated GIF)

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